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How to improve your talks

There is one thing that can improve any talk.  From the most brilliant piece of oratory to the dullest seminar.  It is not even hard to achieve, and requires very little skill, just… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: A couple of interesting posts

This is a glimpse into my browsing habits.  It starts with an interesting post on the Secret Blogging Seminar, on bidding games.  The basic idea is to take any game, add a stack… Continue reading

Book Review: Mathematics a Very Long Introduction

I recently received my copy of the wonderful The Princeton Companion to Mathematics.  In the title of this piece, I could not help making the obvious joke, as the editor Tim Gowers also… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: Mathematics and Pseudo-mathematics

Mathematical language is complicated, in order to make ideas completely precise and rigourous we often make them unclear to each other.  One side effect of this is that it is easy to write… Continue reading

Rep-tiles, or how mathematicians start to puzzle and open up questions.

Some thoughts on rep-tiles (mathematical tilings no animals) with ideas about the mathematical thought process and lots of pictures.

Mathematics, Computers and Zeilberger

This piece is a ramble through a collection of thoughts linked to and influenced by the opinions of Doron Zeilberger. It starts with the uncertainty of proof and discusses the importance of computers before concluding with the future of mathematics in the large but finite.