Just what the world needs!

Another maths blog.  I am not sure if ‘another’ is entirely appropriate as there are not that many maths blogs, but as there are so many blogs in general maybe it can stand.  Basically I have found myself having thoughts recently, its quite disturbing, and as many of them having nowhere to go but run round my head I decided to get rid of some of them in a public (though almost certain totally unread) place.  Hence this blog.

The thoughts, and thus the major themes of this blog revolve around mathematics communication and mathematics art.  These two will come together naturally as one can use art to communicate mathematics.

I hope to put one piece up a week, I have a few things written that can be polished and exposed, so I should be able to keep that up for a couple of months at least.  I might also put up half worked out artistic ideas, but my paranoia might keep those under wraps.  I am not sure if that is the paranoia of people thinking my ideas are dull, or the paranoia of people finding them so interesting they nick them.  It feels wrong that I have to suffer both.

For starters a small puzzle.  It has a real prize!  A set of laser cut wooden tiles like those below to the first person who can tell me what the background of the header is.  Not the image on the left, thats just a flowsnake [Edit 19/5/12: The original logo is preserved above, the puzzling part was removed in a redesign]

Nautilus and Conch

Nautilus and Conch