Unscheduled post: Why start blogging now?

In the way blogs work I read about this WIRED article in John Scalzi’s whatever blog. The basic idea is that blogs are old hat, have gone mainstream and that the cool communication is on Twitter and Facebook. Again, as is the nature of blogs, as I write this many other people are doing exactly the same. Commenting, making similar points with various levels of lucidity, and maybe thinking to themselves “Other people might be doing this as well, but this is different this is personal”.

So, in a different and personal view of this, why I am starting to post entries now? Well firstly, to boost my zeitgeist credentials, I started a first Maxwell’s Demon in 2002-3, so I was there when it was still cool. One thing stopped it being world famous; I did not post anything. I did not feel I had anything to say, and the occasional “I saw my first Segway in the wild today” (I really did, it looked out of place out of a showroom), would probably have bored and the whole thing faded. Alternatively I may have been lucky and avoided this.

I now, however misguidedly, feel that I do have something to say. Maybe the article is right that the best forum for personal stream of consciousness has moved on. Google is, after all, making us stupid, so we need ever faster and briefer forms of communication. Apologies for the cynicism. However I feel that longer considered pieces still have a place and can hopefully rise above the noise to at least one or two people. In addition for me, as I said before writing in even the most unknown of public forums is a way of getting thoughts out of my head so I can move onto the next one!

PS Blogging is a rather ugly word and ideally I would rather not talk about my blog and blogging. Anyone know any good alternatives?