Unscheduled Post: Recent Blog Carnivals

A couple of recent carnivals are out.  Firstly the second edition of the Art Showcase, this has descriptions of the work of five blogging artists, of which I am one.  The entries are eclectic mentioning blogs with beautiful descriptions of JMW Turner (a favourite of mine) and Indian art, to descriptions of how to make public domain images personal.  

Even more eclectic is the tenth edition of Everything worth reading, despite its slightly grandiose title, it does contain only interesting entries, if not every interesting thing published!  The entries range from future and present national leaders (Obama in the US and the Queen in Canada) through fishing, great books and music, before coming back to a past political leader who has just released a new play.  For only two countries, the Czech Republic and Poland, could this be a wonderful and significant event, in this case it is the Czech, with Vaclav Havel the author.