Unscheduled Post: Poem on the DLR

As I am staying in south east London at the moment, I am finally getting the chance to use the DLR on a regular basis.  The DLR has always been romantic to me, as I remember going on it as a child to observe the magic of remotely operated trains and, of course, pretend to drive.  It is perhaps a little too busy these days, but it is still public transport I cannot help but like.  

Edit 11/3/9: The DLR is the Docklands Light Railway, an overground and elevated railway that gives access to the redeveloped docklands area of East London.

In a recent trip I was looking at the sets of lights and buttons next to the door.  Each one has a cryptic set of letters next to it:



What could they mean, well to me it seems like a whimsical sort of Haiku:







My translation, “Retired Aide de Campe, fishes continually for cod.”, this strikes me as a lonely old soldier looking for someone to join him fishing, or at least tolerate it.  

I should get out more.

Do you have a better translation?  The real meanings are not allowed!