Unscheduled Post: Gang aft agley

With the DLR post and now this one I am sailing dangerously close to becoming an observational blog.  I am going to hide that in a little rambling about blogs.  One of the staples of blogging is the amusing observation about some event or scene.  In fact in some cases people have raised such observations to an art form (John Scalzi is a master for example).  The trick to such blogs is to try to consistently twist expectations and ideas in original and amusing ways.  Though I often twist ideas, the results are rarely amusing and too often not even amusing.  It also feels self-indulgent to publish things that amused me for a time.  There is no real reason that the world I am unleashing them into has any desire for them.  In addition, unlike my more serious pieces I have no desire to cram them down the world’s throat!  That all said this did amuse me, maybe it will not be too much of a hardship for you…(and I promise no more of these for a while)


I was at the Greenwich foot tunnel with too much time on my hands, and needed something to read.  The only thing available was the sign and I noticed the designers acronyms included M.I.C.E.  So the tunnel was deisgned by mice, I guess they do know about digging.  Maybe this is what Rabbie Burns was thinking about…

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men 
Gang aft agley

To a mouse  Robert Burns