WoW 2: vZome

The new website of the week:

This week we have cowinners.  First one to realise gets the prize!  If you have found my ramblings of interest then you probably already know the zometool system.  If not you are in for a treat, this is geometry rolled into a ball of construction fun.  Its a construction kit loaded with geometric possibilities, you can see here how it allows you to build your own shadows of 4-dimensional figures!

The trouble with zome though is that you never have enough.  Or you find that you want to join up tow balls by a different edge.  This is where the computer steps in.  Scott Vorthman’s elegant vZome software allows you to explore to your heart’s content, even automatically adding parts.  The problem here is that you are restricted to a 2d computer screen.  Hurry up and build a 3D monitor Scott!

Maxwell Demon: Website of the week

I am handing out awards, the imaginatively titled “Maxwell’s Demon” website of the week:

wowThere is even a prize, £50.  Though I am lazy so the conditions of this are that the winner:

1) Realises they have won.

2) Contacts me.

3) Puts the logo on their site.

Of course 3 is hard to enforce so you could probably take the money and remove the graphical mess.  I will therefore claim that 3 is to ensure that you are indeed the winner.