WoW 5: Finding numbers

Apologies for no website last week, as you can see from my last post but one I was a little busy.

This week we have a technical site, Plouffe’s Inverter, one of those that is not necessarily very interesting until you suddenly need it badly! It is a very neat idea, though.  A database of billions of mathematical constants, from the familiar (\pi, e) to the delightfully abstruse (a search for 1.6184135 gives \ln(Kolakoski)^2*Copeland^2*\Gamma(1/24)^2, maybe this is the constant people are really finding when they think they find the Golden Ratio!

So next time you need to find a number you know where to look!

Maxwell Demon: Website of the week

I am handing out awards, the imaginatively titled “Maxwell’s Demon” website of the week:

wowThere is even a prize, £50.  Though I am lazy so the conditions of this are that the winner:

1) Realises they have won.

2) Contacts me.

3) Puts the logo on their site.

Of course 3 is hard to enforce so you could probably take the money and remove the graphical mess.  I will therefore claim that 3 is to ensure that you are indeed the winner.