WoW 7: The secret life of numbers

Numbers are one hell of a powerful idea, and some idea of them seems to predate a lot of other intelligence traits. Even young chicks have some ability to count. (this story was a great reverse April fool, true even though it hit the news on April the first). With the internet we can see for the first time how numbers get used. The secret lives of numbers is a fascinating visualisation of this data, though it is getting a little long in the tooth. Maybe its time to automate this and take weekly accounts from google, giving a detailed history of numbers as well as direct comparison.

Frequencies of the first million numbers

Frequencies of the first million numbers

Maxwell Demon: Website of the week

I am handing out awards, the imaginatively titled “Maxwell’s Demon” website of the week:

wowThere is even a prize, £50.  Though I am lazy so the conditions of this are that the winner:

1) Realises they have won.

2) Contacts me.

3) Puts the logo on their site.

Of course 3 is hard to enforce so you could probably take the money and remove the graphical mess.  I will therefore claim that 3 is to ensure that you are indeed the winner.