Recent and current projects

I seem to be working on quite a few things at the moment so I thought I would collect a list of them together for those who might be interested.

Firstly the course I am teaching on Communicating Maths at Leicester is going well. The students are going out as teaching assistants to schools for half their credit (with the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme) and for the other half working on a blog and a wiki. The blog is: Maths Students read the newspaper, inspired by Paulos’ wonderful book A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper. The wiki is developing into a useful collection of mathematics resources.

Sculpture system 5 should soon have its second large sculpture. I am going up to the Maker Faire in Newcastle on the 14th and 15th of March.  Zometool and Polydron will also be on show demonstrating the wonders of building mathematics.  The final sculpture will, all being well,  go on to the Metrocentre in Gateshead.

If you want to hear some more about my thoughts on mathematics, motivations and inspiration check take a look at my two-part interview with Peter Rowlett for “Travels in a Mathematical World”.

Between all this I do find time for research, being involved in founding a new Journal: The Journal of Unpublishable Mathematics, and working on three papers that should be submitted soon, on canonical substitution tilings, the nature of parallelogram tilings and the dynamics of pentagon packing.