Building Mathematics: The Maker Faire in Pictures

[Update 18/3/10 The student from my Communicating Maths course who helped out with the stall over the weekend has put his story up on the course’s blog: Maths Students Read the Newspaper .]

Last weekend I had a lot of (exhausting) fun at the Maker Faire in Newcastle. It was a wonderful event so many congratulations to the Centre for Life for laying it on. I was of course there attempting to corrupt people into mathematics, and we had almost more interest than we could handle. Many thanks to both the LMS and the University of Leicester Maths department for their support.

It was also a chance to build Sculpture 2 with Sculpture System No. 5. It will be heading soon to the lair of the JamJar collective somewhere in Leeds:

Enjoy the photos:

Preparing the sculpture...

Before the storm.

Mathematical Models

Daleks invade the 4th dimensions

Penrose tiles

The throng enjoying their chance to build mathematics

Our youngest visitor, fascinated by puzzles and tiling.

A world of zome, mostly built by our visitors.

The bane of our existence: The Tesla coil. Beautiful, but very noisy!

Looking into a zometool model

The first steps of the build

Fixing triangles together.

The finished object

...and again...