Imagine you will talk to monkeys…

We have all sat in lectures, looking around to wonder if anyone is still able to follow. In writing a talk it is often hard to judge the right standard, and in general we make the lecture harder than it should be. Perhaps the answer is simple, imagine you are writing for a less knowledgable audience. So here is a handy guide, simply work out what level you are speaking for and go down a couple of levels. Alternatively if you loose track in a talk, try to work out just how many levels up the speaker has drifted!

  • Talk to author of “The Book
  • Talk to self
  • Talk to co-author
  • Talk to specialists
  • Talk to colleagues
  • Talk to mathematics students
  • Talk to general audience
  • Talk to Secondary/High school children
  • Talk to Primary/Grade school children/Elderly Colleagues
  • Talk to Monkeys
  • Talk to Furniture