WoW 4: Fractals

I am often a bit rude about fractal art.  With the right software it becomes easy to create interesting, attractive, complicated images without much thought to what is happening.  It is unfair but I find myself turning away from all of the work, because some of it might perhaps lack rigour.  Just as you might give up on conceptual art after seeing one unmade bed too many.

To redress this balance the winners this week (again its several winners, first to claim gets the prize!) are a couple of sites from artists who clearly engage in the mathematics, creating new objects.  They also have draw dropping rendering skills, that I am very jealous of.

I am going to let the images speak for themselves.  You really should click through for much more goodies.

Ramiro Perez, rfractal

Apollonian Gasket III, Ramiro Perez

Indra 551, Joys Leys

Indra 551, Joys Leys

Double Spiral Shadow Projection, Paul Nylander

Double Spiral Shadow Projection, Paul Nylander

Maxwell Demon: Website of the week

I am handing out awards, the imaginatively titled “Maxwell’s Demon” website of the week:

wowThere is even a prize, £50.  Though I am lazy so the conditions of this are that the winner:

1) Realises they have won.

2) Contacts me.

3) Puts the logo on their site.

Of course 3 is hard to enforce so you could probably take the money and remove the graphical mess.  I will therefore claim that 3 is to ensure that you are indeed the winner.