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Unscheduled Post: Extensive research shows…

…science is hard!

Unscheduled Post: Recent Blog Carnivals

A couple of recent carnivals are out.  Firstly the second edition of the Art Showcase, this has descriptions of the work of five blogging artists, of which I am one.  The entries are eclectic… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: A couple of interesting posts

This is a glimpse into my browsing habits.  It starts with an interesting post on the Secret Blogging Seminar, on bidding games.  The basic idea is to take any game, add a stack… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: Mathematics and Pseudo-mathematics

Mathematical language is complicated, in order to make ideas completely precise and rigourous we often make them unclear to each other.  One side effect of this is that it is easy to write… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are a wonderful idea.  They include an editorialised list of links to blog posts on a given subject.  There is so much out there that it can hard to find new,… Continue reading

Unscheduled post: Why start blogging now?

Why start a blog now when all the cool kids are twittering?