About my art

This piece was originally written for a poster on my art work (shown below).  It had to be shortened, partly as a poster can only have so much text and partly as the… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: Mathematics and Pseudo-mathematics

Mathematical language is complicated, in order to make ideas completely precise and rigourous we often make them unclear to each other.  One side effect of this is that it is easy to write… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are a wonderful idea.  They include an editorialised list of links to blog posts on a given subject.  There is so much out there that it can hard to find new,… Continue reading

Rep-tiles, or how mathematicians start to puzzle and open up questions.

Some thoughts on rep-tiles (mathematical tilings no animals) with ideas about the mathematical thought process and lots of pictures.

Working with constraints

There is a theory that one can have too much freedom, at least in art.  With constraints the imagination is forced to work harder, and might achieve an elegance and beauty unobtainable when… Continue reading

Mathematics, Computers and Zeilberger

This piece is a ramble through a collection of thoughts linked to and influenced by the opinions of Doron Zeilberger. It starts with the uncertainty of proof and discusses the importance of computers before concluding with the future of mathematics in the large but finite.

Unscheduled post: Why start blogging now?

Why start a blog now when all the cool kids are twittering?

Experiences working with Artists

The differences between science artists and artist scientists, or the other way round.

Just what the world needs!

Introduction, grand plan, and a logo puzzle.