I find myself looking for a job…

I have a weird collection of skills. Mathematics, talking about mathematics, art, making…

I am certainly missing opportunities, maybe because few know the skill set even exists! So its time to advertise myself. Perhaps you are looking for someone who can…

  • Do mathematics at a research level, especially:
    • Geometry, understanding the spaces we live in and more exotic ones.
    • Tilings and patterns.
    • History and culture of Mathematics
  • Talk maths in public.
  • Teach (and be creative at it)
  • Program
  • Use computer manufacturing tools, Laser cutters, 3d printers, 3/5/n-axis routers.
  • Make Art and do Design

You need more evidence? I guess that makes sense. More details are below. If you still need to know more get in touch. I can provide references! (edmund.harriss at mathematicians.org.uk)

More details and evidence…

Mathematics: The heart of what I do, I have been an academic mathematician since getting my PhD from Imperial College in 2004. I have written papers, and been invited far and wide to talk about my work. See my CV for the gory details.

Geometry, Tilings and Patterns: I have a very strong understanding of the space we live in (and more exotic spaces). As this is a mathematical understanding I also have the tools to make this concrete, putting it into the equations and other things that computers can play with. My mathematical research has looked at tilings and patterns. Especially substitution tilings a sort of scaling symmetry, I probably know as much about the Penrose tiling than anyone else alive or dead!

History of Mathematics: It is mostly an amateur interest, though I nearly started a PhD with David Fowler before beginning one on tilings. I also think about the role of mathematics as a subject in the world and its relationship to art.

Talking maths in public: You can understand what I have to say without specialist training! I have explained the beauty and wonder of mathematics from the sacred halls of the Royal Society to primary schools. You can even hear me on the radio (and of course read this blog!). Or dive into the geekiness of prime birthdays.

Teaching: I want to teach people to actually think mathematically, not just get the rules that can be followed to a right answer, and have had success with it. Of course I can teach a traditional maths course and these are often necessary to get the bulk of material across, however I have also worked with more innovative courses. That is why I came to Arkansas. I wanted to teach MATH 2033 the conspiracy or mathematics course designed to corrupt people into the subject by giving a glimpse of  undecidability, game theory, 4 dimensional geometry, hyperbolic geometry, topology, codes, sphere packings… The students then have to come up with their own projects and, as could be expected often get incredibly creative.

3d cog spirographs

Art and Design: I can make pretty pictures, normally using maths. I am on the board of the new Art and Science masters at Central St Martins school of Art in London, and designed the screens for the new Mathematics Learning Centre at Imperial College London. I can do graphic design in 2d and make models and render them in 3d. I can use all the standard software, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Rhino 3d (especially with Grasshopper) etc.

Making: I make things, normally focussing on explaining mathematics. I even have my own Laser cutter! I designed some larger versions of the hexayurt, a simple building made, without waste from 12 sheets of plywood or other materials. I am currently working with the FabLab at the architecture school here at the University of Arkansas, and am writing software to drive their 5-axis router.