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The strange quest: Mathematics as Concrete Art

Is mathematics just a giant piece of constructive art?

Future Fantasy

Lets suppose we achieve the impossible, a world in which only the human endeavour necessary goes into the essentials. Food, shelter and so on. Where the remainder of our time and energy as… Continue reading

Interesting Manhole covers

Its been a busy week workwise, and so a slow week as far as the blog is concerned. So I give you some easily missed art.  This is a job I would love,… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: Subtlety and swine flu

The difference between stupid and intelligent people–and this is true whether or not they are well-educated–is that intelligent people can handle subtlety. They are not baffled by ambiguous or even contradictory situations–in fact,… Continue reading


Why English social fears did not stop me joining twitter and starting to like it.

Unscheduled Post: Niches and responsibility

There has been a recent blog discussion on the topic of attribution.  As a piece of plankton (not even a small fish) in this world I only suffer from the occasional automatic link… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: Gang aft agley

With the DLR post and now this one I am sailing dangerously close to becoming an observational blog.  I am going to hide that in a little rambling about blogs.  One of the… Continue reading

Unscheduled Post: Poem on the DLR

As I am staying in south east London at the moment, I am finally getting the chance to use the DLR on a regular basis.  The DLR has always been romantic to me,… Continue reading

The latest maths carnival…

here. Apologies for the lack of posts recently I hope to resume service soon.

Unscheduled Post: Recent Blog Carnivals

A couple of recent carnivals are out.  Firstly the second edition of the Art Showcase, this has descriptions of the work of five blogging artists, of which I am one.  The entries are eclectic… Continue reading

Carnival of Mathematics #44

44th Carnival of Mathematics, a feast of maths blog links.

Unscheduled Post: Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are a wonderful idea.  They include an editorialised list of links to blog posts on a given subject.  There is so much out there that it can hard to find new,… Continue reading